NEW AquaPod Kit with Sagan filtration
NEW AquaPod Kit with Sagan filtration
NEW AquaPod Kit with Sagan filtration
NEW AquaPod Kit with Sagan filtration

NEW AquaPod Kit with Sagan filtration

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  • NEW AquaPod Kit with Sagan Filtration MADE IN USA - New AquaPod Kit with Sagan filtration and pump.  Complete kit includes the liner, pump and filtration.
  • EXTREMELY EFFECTIVE WATER FILTER AND PUMP -  The incredible water filtration properties of the Sagan filtration pump has been tested and proven to remove bacteria, virus and parasites. 
  • SIMPLE TO USE - The pump and filter comes with a 3-foot length tubing. The water filter purifies up to 250 gallons of contaminated water without iodine, chlorine or other chemicals; no moving parts; no batteries required. High flow rate drinking from the source.
  • REMOVES VIRUS - Removes 99.9999% bacteria, such as E.coli; 99.99% of protozoan, such as cryptosporidium and giardia; 99.99% of viruses – making it safe to drink from ANY non-salt water source – even in 3rd world countries
  • PURIFIES ANY NON-SALT WATER SOURCE. The filter was tested and certified by independent water laboratories to safely purify 250 gallons of water. Exceeds EPA water filter standards.
  • PUMP ALLOWS YOU TO SHARE WATER - easily spray and wash food, hands and share clean drinking water.




The patented filtration media technology used in all Sagan water purification products is based on electroadsorption of contaminants, not mechanical filtration. The electro-positively charged media acts like a magnet attracting and retaining contaminants, as small as viruses, out of the water as they come in contact with the media.

The media itself is made of layers of non-woven, nano-alumina coated glass fibers containing powdered activated carbon (PAC) and antimicrobial protection (silver). The positively charged media field is sandwiched between layers of spunbond polyester, which provides strength to the pleated media.

The proprietary filter media offers exceptionally high flow rates and efficiency in removing contaminants. The media has been shown to remove viruses, bacteria, cysts, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), disinfection by-products, endotoxin, natural organic matter and other sub-micron particles and therefore making it IMPOSSIBLE FOR DANGEROUS ORGANISMS TO PASS THROUGH.


Changing your filter will depend on how much water you use and how contaminated it is. Since the filter acts as a magnet, as mentioned above, your filter will get clogged up over time. When it gets to the point of not being able to get water out of the filter, or the flow is not sufficient for your needs, it is time to change your filter. Even if there is only a trickle of water coming out, that water is still safe to drink.